Experiential Marketing for the Tech Sector

We take a creative approach to the delivery of all of our experiential integrated campaigns. Through the combination of place making, marketing and data driven insights we build communities that have lasting impact for our clients.

Sector diversity: so many of our clients want to increase diversity in the sector but don’t know where to start. Creative experiences that provide this opportunity and open your doors to new faces is one solution. Here’s an example of this in action with our client Henkel dx Ventures and its Xathon event.

Engaging and exciting investors: relationship building gets deals over the line but how do you get people in the room in the first place? Anyone senior in tech receives invitations on the regular for industry events, so your experiential marketing needs to be more topically, programmatically and executionally exciting than anything else out there. Here’s an example of the numerous times we’ve executed this for Founders Forum.

  1. Understand your market challenge
  2. Gather the insights and market intel required to form you an experiential campaign that stands out and achieves your goals
  3. Creative ideation that uses this data as its foundation and builds on it with an experience that surprise, delights and excites, and factors in a sustainable approach – from the outset
  4. Full service production, execution and marketing
  5. Post-experience reporting and evaluation 

Dig a little deeper into our expertise

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