By Chloe Bines
2nd Oct 2023

We’re a smart bunch, humans, and our hunger for progression has proven a top notch ticket to surmounting the food chain in a world where most other beings are stronger and bigger than us. Now, however, with climate change a prime example of the negative fallout from things we have designed without foresight over the trajectory, we are faced with moral dilemma about how to navigate technologies that could be great, but could also pose a threat. Without a crystal ball, we really don’t know. But we do know that these technologies are also a smart bunch, smarter than us even. So where will our innovations take us and is there good or bad waiting at the other end?

In discussion with speakers Camilla McFarland – Vice President of MojitoNatasha Wallace – EMEA Strategy Lead at JellyfishNoelle Reno – Global Director of Marketing & Business Development at SmartMedia Technologies and Amanda Cassatt – Founder of Serotonin, we asked:

For AI, web3, and other emerging technologies that don’t even have names yet: what are the advantages and disadvantages? Namely, just because we can, should we?

Navigating duality

The world has seen remarkable progress, but the acceleration of technology has also amplified the potential for catastrophic breakdowns. The advent of AI complicates things. With the possibility of super-intelligent entities outpacing us, we face potentially scary consequences. The decision of whether to build these technologies lies within a multipolar trap, where human competitiveness and military intentions, for instance, may hinder our ability to make ethical choices.

The proximal concern

Another concern is the impact of technology on our daily lives. In an attention-driven economy, algorithms are designed to captivate and hold our attention indefinitely. The rise of AI raises the spectre of addiction to technology, where we become unable to look away. While this may seem like a distant possibility, the convergence of high-level AI and the attention economy presents a real challenge, one that demands our attention (before AI does) and consideration.

Embracing the opportunities

But now for the immense potential and opportunities that technology brings. From empowering individuals to turn their ideas into reality to enabling accessibility and removing systemic disadvantages, the possibilities are endless. Groundbreaking advancements, such as an AI tool that allows the blind to interact with unstructured data, showcase the transformative power of technology in improving lives.

Data ownership & currency

We generate vast amounts of data every day, often without even realising it. From our online activities to our purchasing behaviours, our data holds immense value. And as the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve, the concept of using our data as currency to retain power with brands is an opportunity we all should know about.

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