Amazon Web Services
The challenge

Amazon Web Services (AWS) established their CSR department InCommunities to aid them in making a positive social impact specifically in the regions where they build and operate their global infrastructure.

Through this, we launched their long-term, innovative, educational programs specifically focussed on STEAM Education, Access, Equity, Local Tech Upskilling, Environmental Stewardship and Employee Engagement. 

We designed and launched the initial AWS CloudRoom initiative globally; creating their brand identity, end to end communications and logistics strategies, online web platforms and a full suite of programmatic assets to support the program.

Two years on and we now oversee 5 global programs spanning three different departments, and have become an integral part of their global communications team.

Marketing: AWS InTouch

Create all campaign branding and wider marketing assets, as well as tone of voice creation and copywriting long form content.

Comms: AWS CloudPrep Academy

Worked as both a consultant and the communications partner for an all new educational accelerator to upskill female builders through a university accredited program.

Programme Management: AWS CloudRoom

The interim global Program Manager for this educational initiative that works to engage and educate students aged 9-14 about the world of cloud technologies, running the program end-to-end across 5 continents.

  • Online Platform Build
  • Brand identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • UX Design & Web Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Content Creation
  • CRM Support
  • Program Logistics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Merchandising
  • Copywriting