Marble Sustainability Policy

The Marble Group is an award-winning agency specialising in content, communications and experience. The Group comprises four companies: Marble LDN, Marble Endeavour, Marble Private and Marble Music. We work directly with brands and agencies to give every game changer a global voice. We are on a mission to challenge, influence and innovate through the power of human connection.

We embed sustainability into the entire creative process so that it becomes a living, breathing part of the experience. We achieve this through our Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS), which meets the requirements of ISO 20121:2012 (International Standard for Event Sustainability) and ISO 14001:2015 (International Standard for Environmental Management).

Our Commitments

We recognise that our activities can have environmental, social and economic impacts and we are committed to reducing negative impacts and enhancing sustainability performance across all levels and functions of our business. Our vision is to lead in sustainability management, amplify positive change through engagement with all interested parties and innovate best practice. Our performance is measured against four governing principles of sustainability: stewardship; inclusivity; transparency; and integrity. This Policy provides a framework for the setting of meaningful sustainability objectives.

In particular we will:

  • ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other sustainability requirements
  • engage with key interested parties to ensure compliance throughout the whole value chain and use our platform to educate on environmental and social issues;
  • ensure all relevant personnel receive this policy and any other sustainability documentation applicable to their role;
  • continually monitor, measure and review our sustainability performance in order to protect the environment, prevent pollution and achieve continual improvement; and
  • share learnings with key interested parties in order that we all benefit.

Our Objectives

A robust materiality assessment has given rise to the following key Objectives:

  • engage with clients, suppliers and other key interested parties to identify event sustainability hotspots as an integrated part of the event management cycle, implement the best sustainable solution and measure performance;
  • evaluate and reduce our carbon footprint in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Target Initiative and set a meaningful timeline to achieve net zero;
  • ensure staff receive sufficient training in order to support our sustainability goals;
  • adopt a partnership approach with suppliers to source innovative sustainability solutions;
  • minimise environmental impacts of travelling through car sharing, the use of public transport and avoiding flying where possible;
  • repurpose materials to prevent waste and support a circular economy;
  • promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through our recruitment and career progression programmes and our supplier and artist selection processes:
  • Use our creative skills to mobilise and amplify positive change and be a ‘force for good;’ and
  • actively support those United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where we can make the biggest difference.

This policy is reviewed annually by senior management and amended where applicable. This policy is available to staff, suppliers and other relevant interested parties. It is supported by a certified Sustainable Event Management System, which is audited annually by a third-party Certification Body.

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