Our Story.

Hear from CEO Teddy Watt on the inspiration and passions that drive Marble

Emi, Robbie, Darren and I are the co-founders of The Marble Group. As we enter into our 10th year we feel that we are just getting started. There has never been a more poignant time for our form of experience lead, community first, communications.

We are fortunate because we are incredibly close friends that have endured the rough and tumble of growing an infant business to a teenage one and remain closer and more respectful of one another than ever.

We founded Marble with the belief that our shared sector experience, stemming from the UK festival scene (we still own two within the family) and luxury communications could be brought together to produce an agency that represented change makers, that championed connection and produced positive impact for anyone that came in to contact with us and our work.

We all had shaky working experiences, heavily impacted by the 2008 financial crisis and set ourselves on our own paths. Emi ran Kasimira, a luxury comms boutique. Myself and Darren started Broad Bean Events, a production company steeped in the creative sector and Robbie founded Bassline Productions, a technical production outfit embedded in festival culture. Essentially we ended up collaborating on a lot of projects and it became quickly clear that we shared the same goals, values and importantly hunger.

/ Marble away day 2023 - Wilderness Reserve

Our shared experience of early working years had entrenched a deep desire to create a business that first and foremost enriched people’s lives, commercially, socially and creatively.

We shared an international vision of the world and wanted to act on that stage for a global community, and having all grown up in rural areas we shared, in all honesty, a sense of guilt of contributing to the problem, trapped between a need to work, earn and create but not wanting to mess anything up more than we found it.

These created the pillars of Marble. We believe business is the single biggest tool for change. We believe in a people first ethos, always and believe that working with real changemakers is the best use of the tools we have at our disposal, to give them a global voice.