By Chloe Bines
28th Nov 2023

If you trawl the internet or read the news, there are countless articles that talk about the future never being so uncertain, so unknown. And yet, is this really the case? A warming planet, more climate devastation, the securitisation of natural resources, the list goes on of what we actually know; what is real. So we say hogwash to an unpredictable tomorrow. The future has, in reality, actually never been more certain.

We have the data:

  • Analysis from the World Bank and the World Health Organisation shows that global health, income and education are generally better than they’ve ever been, for instance. That isn’t to say progress ever becomes something we cease to pursue, only that positive trends tend to be overshadowed by negative narratives, and that on average, living standards are better now than in the past.
  • On the other hand though, global crises such as climate change are not a question, this really is the worst it has ever been and yet, we can’t seem to find a way to move fast enough. Recent reports from Climate Action Tracker show global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C are failing across the board, with recent progress made on every indicator — except electric passenger car sales — lagging significantly behind the pace and scale that is necessary to address the climate crisis.

The deployment of capital  has never been more important…

The question is: what future do we really want? Because we can create another way, any way, we like. We can innovate, transform, choose a different path. And that’s what we find so exciting. 

Financial institutions across the world are waking up to the importance of impact finance and there is little doubt that directing capital into economic activity that supports a better world and away from endeavours that do not, is a matter of acute urgency. Certain power houses could single handedly change the course of a predictable future, but they need the impetus to do so. 

But will it motivate them to move the money?

On the 29th November, 8-10am in Bank, we’ll be joined by experts to share their experience:

Elaina Elzinga, Principal, Wellcome Investments + Octopus Renewables Board Member

June Angelides, Investor, Samos and Levare Ventures 

Dilys Kyeiwaa Winterkorn, Project Director, The Pathway Fund

Spaces are free but limited, RSVP to join us.