After a successful collaboration with the TikTok UK team on a Halloween activation for their Creators’ community, Marble was approached to design and build the TikTok Creator Lounge at VidCon 2020, that was opened across three days, followed by an official VidCon afterparty in Central London for TikTok celebrity Creators. One of the hottest tickets in town, the TikTok VidCon afterparty guests included the majority of the top UK Creators and other TikTok celebrities – even some ex Love-Islanders! It was imperative that both the Creator Lounge and the Afterparty were a place where Creators and TikTok employees were able to unleash their creativity, network and interact, that meant that every corner in each space had to be ‘content-worthy’ with TikTok’s signature quirky style.




The Creator Lounge was a hub of imagination and creativity! Taking inspiration from the famous Gummy Bear Adele concert trend seen on TikTok in 2019, we made human size gummy bears the main feature of the Creator Lounge: a feature that generated a lot of surprise, buzz and excitement from the Creators. We filled the area with bespoke furniture, including an inflatable TikTok icon shaped sofa and a foam cube filled pit. We also installed a TikTok shadow photo booth to allow the creativity to flow freely for the Creators.

On Saturday, a second Marble team joined the forces to produce the TikTok VidCon afterparty at a separate location, which turned out to be a party like no other. We chose the much loved 90s era as the theme for the party, which was very fitting for the trend-conscious TikTok audience. Two large party rooms, disco and hip-hop themed, were each filled with custom made decorations. The disco room, glowing all night from the mirror ball and slinky ceiling installation, was complimented by a giant disco ball DJ booth. No corner was left untouched with scrunchie covered railings, “Choice Maker” bunting, staircase decorated with packs of gummy bears to rip off and enjoy, and a disco ball filled bathtub, inviting people to snap a picture or two. The hip-hop room and VIP area were transformed into a 90s teenage bedroom with a poster wall installation and a full size bed.

Another crucial part of the Afterparty was the music; so the Marble Music team provided DJs from their roster to spin the 90s tunes all night! Guests could snap a photo in the digital photo booth and share their GIFs straight onto their social platforms, plus the retro arcade dance machine and ball pit filled with fruit loops proved popular as the backdrops to TikTok videos. The amount of engagement and content shared over social platforms during the weekend were evidence of the success of our Creator Lounge and the epic Afterparty!

  • We worked with Marble LDN for event production (Carly Lipman is a powerhouse of a woman!) The devil is in the detail with both our featured creator lounge and the official afterparty. From hundreds of gummy bears, to subtle branding on a bedroom wall, to bespoke neon signs and inflatable sofas - the creative direction was a dream to manage.” Lottie Moor, Creator Marketing Manager, TikTok