To unite over 300 ‘Trusties’ worldwide to feel inspired, empowered, informed and educated, combining the power of ideas and technology to connect them across countries and continents. Spanning London, Copenhagen and New York simultaneously.

The brief was to anchor the experience with external speakers who could validate and speak to the importance of Trustpilot’s increased focus on reviewers, trust commitments, internal and external improvements, and sustainability values.


  • 300+ in Copenhagen, 250+ in London and 150+ in New York
  • 3 speakers
  • 3 hosts
  • 3 immersive activations
  • Trustie feedback: 77.8% rated the event excellent or very good
  • Top 3 highlights of the experience reported post event- the speakers, sense of connectedness and the event as a whole


Trustpilot’s largest internal engagement experience. The live experiences took place simultaneously across three countries, uniting teams on three core themes that are integral to Trustpilot’s ethos. Each city hosted their own speaker throughout the day along with live activations using the themes of trust, fake content, and happiness and improvement. 


New York kicked off with host Alyona Minkovskini introducing Dr Ramesh Srinivasan, founder of the UC-wide Digital Cultures Lab and UCLA faculty member, discussing the intersection of technology, innovation, politics, business, and society. Then from Copenhagen, former Chief Business Officer of Google [X] and renowned podcaster Mo Gawdat, shared his thoughts on the subject of trust, happiness and improvement. Finally in London, Tiwalola Ogunlesi welcomed Rachel Botsman; trust expert, author and lecturer at Oxford University as well as a world-renowned speaker, to share her insight on trust – a topic at the core of the Trustpilot ethos and culture.

Wrapped around the audiences were four 5m wide screens, showing the stream of each city’s talk creating a 360 simultaneous experience. 

The Trusties connected through activities including a Pledge Tree, fake content quiz and guided sound experience inviting guests to reflect on their experience of the day, interspersed with the speakers in other cities and Q&A sessions being live streamed throughout the afternoon. 

The day culminated with rooftop or outdoor after-parties in each city, giving Trustpilot teams the opportunity to digest the days together.

  • Marble brought our vision of the Trust Experience to life with their creativity, innovation and strategic thinking making the event a huge success in all three locations. The feedback we got was great, with the immersive activations being particularly popular. We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you Marble!” Dave Robertson, Director of Communications at Trustpilot