Cult (Common group) came to us with a brief to create the world’s most sustainable coffee shop in a pop-up space in the old street roundabout. It has to be fully sustainable, styled to the brand, built in a day with the ability to feed images to the press pre-launch.


We went through a journey from compressed cardboard to Scandinavian minimalism and arriving in CNC heaven. All the materials we used to create every single element that made up the shop were sustainable from the pegboard bars to the CNC coffee cup tree. Even the coffee machine casing was made from compressed coffee resin. We created full 3D renders of the entire space in a 3 day turn around so that PR could launch to press with images to the press.

A wicked project, right up our street for sustainable prowess and style and we love a quick turn around. All elements built in-house from the fabrication through to renders.

Achieved good press coverage including Timeout, London on the inside, secret London and Hoxton Radio as well as a multitude of the trade press.