Nike and ASOS wanted to bring to life a reset experience for burnt-out 20-somethings through a series of immersive activities based around health and well-being over a 3.5 day experience. The demographic was female heavy and included students, ASOS’ers, Nike members, influencers and athletes. 

Marble were tasked with designing and producing an experience-led series of events within one venue; this ‘hub’ was to include 3 varied exercise rooms, a reception area, workshops, cafe and a retail area for Nike and ASOS products.


Our concept was the ‘RE:SET Lab’: a wellness retreat in central London for burnt-out millennials to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests were taken on an immersive wellness journey using transitional storytelling; first RE:ENERGISE, then RE:FORM, RE:MIND and finally, RE:SET.

The doors were opened to the first part of the journey; RE:ENERGISE. This HIIT room was intended to get heart rates up as guests began the first part of their reset journey. Their 30-minute session is framed by a bespoke neon lighting structure, with the colour and light intensity changing in time with the music.

The next part of the journey, RE:FORM was a yoga room for the guests’ next 20-minute session. This room was a neutral, candlelit space, with soft draping and luscious plants. Marble Music artist Kadialy Kouyate welcomed guests with the calming, meditative sounds of his Kora, an African harp.

Guests were then led through a wild, botanical tunnel, into the next stage of the experience; RE:MIND. This room was designed in the style of a Japanese peace garden, filled with greenery and beautiful plants, water fountains with gently trickling water, and a chill out area with cushions and carpets. Guests were handed headphones to listen to meditation music recorded by the Marble Music team, creating a space to lower their heart rate and meditate.

At the end of the journey, guests could connect with each other and reflect through a series of workshops led by We Are Leafage, Earl of East and artist Erin Aniker. They also had an opportunity to buy ASOS and Nike clothing in the retail area, refuel with healthy snacks and refreshments, or receive a free makeover from Becca cosmetics. By the time these fitness fans had left the immersive RE:SET Lab, they felt a sense of rejuvenation with their minds and bodies.