The New York Times asked us to provide a platform for their fashion and style journalism, whilst also shining a spotlight on innovative and sustainable solutions in the fashion industry. The live experience was to be centralised around a show stopping dinner, sponsored by Morgan Stanley, as part of The New York Times Climate Forward series. 

Climate Forward unites senior business leaders and fashion insiders in exploring sustainable manufacturing processes used in the fashion industry. The Times wanted to increase brand affinity and attract their journalists, industry experts, fashion designers, responsible material makers and scientists to the experience.


  • 17 sustainable designers
  • 6 sustainable materials showcased
  • 85 guests
  • 6 speakers



  • Anya Hindmarch, Founder & Managing Director, Anya Hindmarch
  • Glenn Martens, Creative Director, Diesel & Y/Project
  • Jamie Bainbridge, VP Product Development & Sustainability, Bolt Threads
  • Janice Wang, CEO, Alvanon
  • Josephine Philips, Founder & CEO, Sojo
  • Priya Ahluwalia, Founder & Creative Director, Ahluwalia


The Climate Forward evening hosted leading voices and designers from the world of sustainable fashion and fashion journalism, featuring Stella McCartney, Anya Hindmarch, Glenn Martens and Vanessa Friedman.

We lead the creative direction of the live experience, making strategic recommendations on the programme structure as well as designing and producing the evening. The audience were invited to a cocktail reception to start the evening before the showcase of sustainable fashion began. The activation took place at The Conduit and showcased raw materials and how the industry is adapting these to create finished garments with increased longevity. 

We sourced all of the fabulous designers including Stella McCartney, Anya Hindmarch, Edeline Lee, Veja, Ganni, Chloe and Longchamp, among many others, with a portfolio of textiles made from sustainable and recycled materials. The sustainable materials we sourced included: MIRUM, TENCEL, Infinite Fiber, Mylo, CIRCULOSE and Dian Jen Lin.

We sourced a range of brilliant designers including Chloe, Edeline Lee, Gabriela Hearst and Path to Paisley and worked with Stella McCartney, Anya Hindmarch, Longchamp, Veja, Ganni, among many others, with a portfolio of textiles made from sustainable and recycled materials. The sustainable materials we sourced included: MIRUM, TENCEL, Mylo and CIRCULOSE. The materials were innovative as well as sustainable, for example, ‘MIRUM’, an emerging textile technology, uses plant-based fibres to create everything from footwear to fashion, and automotives to accessories. To bring these incredible materials to life, we sourced and managed the models, stylists, makeup/hair artists and a photographer that all contributed to making the event such a success. We also managed the logistics of clothing and accessories end to end from sourcing to delivery and collection. 

The showcase was followed by an editorial dinner, to listen to a panel conversation hosted by Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic of The New York Times, and selected designers including Glenn Martens, Creative Director of Diesel & Y/Project and Josephine Philips, Founder & CEO of Sojoto. The discussion reflected on the fashion industry at present, and the panel discussed what changes are required in order for fashion to become truly sustainable; including supply chain optimisation, second hand markets and carbon reduction. The Conduit served as an inspirational, collaborative environment for our guests to share ideas about sustainability and fashion, with the venue having their own focus on leaving a lasting, positive impact on the planet.

  • Marble LDN answered a complicated brief with many moving parts with creativity and scope. It was a pleasure working with the team. Would recommend it for other projects.” Peres Kagbala, Events International, New York Times