Following a string of successful events with PR agency John Doe back in 2018, for Martell Blue Swift cognac, we were asked to assist the team again on Martell’s new series of summer events. This project involved creating branded design decor assets for Martell to use across their series of summer events, starting with the Martell and Sofar Sounds live music events.


The John Doe team had a clear vision of what design items Martell would be hoping to see at their event, and our team jumped into the visualisation and build of the branded assets. To showcase the Blue Swift cognac in the most prestigious and exciting way we took inspiration from the iconic Martell golden swift symbol, by creating display bird cages for the Blue Swift bottles to be placed inside. We enriched the design with a touch of lighting and dry ice around the bottle, as well as hanging cutout swifts around the cage to further build on the theming. Existing empty Martell Blue Swift bottles were re-used to create unique branded lamps, ensuring we were contributing to the circular economy model; a key part of our sustainability mantra. The team also produced bespoke and versatile wooden Martell barrels, that played a vital role in brand communication at the venue and greeted the guests at the entrance of Sofar Sounds.

These branded assets were key to ensuring the premium Martell brand was reflected throughout this venue, and would continue to do so throughout their summer event series. The client was extremely pleased with the visual outcome of the assets and since this event has used them for several other events, not only with Sofar Sounds, but also in collaboration with Cactus parties.


  • Thanks for last night – all went really well, I’m really chuffed and as ever! Thanks for all your help, always such a joy working with you!” Celine Khor, Head of Brand Experience at John Doe