Huckletree’s network comprises over 300 companies with a mission to pioneer a more sustainable future, and the Earthrise Summit created an environment to harbour those connections between industry experts, investors, politicians and entrepreneurs. 

Huckletree were looking for a partner to produce and host their Earthrise Summit, which included 4 stages all streaming live content simultaneously for their first virtual sustainability festival.

The festival programme was built up of 80 hours of content, provided by 60 speakers over 4 stages across two days – easy navigation and attendee connections were a priority for the user journey, to provide purpose to the experience, foster human connection and a strong brand identity.

Earthrise highlights:

  • 477 attendees
  • 85 speakers
  • 25 sessions
  • 4 stages
  • 52 articles, novels and podcasts shared in the Content Hub
  • 2 days

The two-day Earthrise Summit hosted inspiring sessions from members of the UN, climate activists, and Oscar-winning filmmakers, and was picked up by The Independent and London Business Journal. The diverse agenda prompted candid discussions from established incumbents, startups, and individuals wanting to tackle the climate crisis.

By 2050, experts predict that there will be 9 billion people living on the planet, putting enormous strain on everything from infrastructure to public services. Huckletree’s mission with the Summit is to showcase the innovation of companies and individuals who are already moving in strides towards creating a positive change. 

The agenda was rich and engaging; supermodel turned author and activist Lily Cole kicked off the first day’s sessions on the Main Stage, and Executive Director of UN Women, Claire Barnett, later spoke about the hidden effects of climate injustice and the disproportionate effect it has on women and children. 

Visitors could attend inspiring panel discussions from key figures at Ecosia, B-Lab UK and Bulb, looking at corporate activism and building businesses with purpose. The summit concluded with a fireside chat with Jimmy Chin, Oscar-winning filmmaker, athlete and climbing photographer, giving the audience a chance to put their questions to a seasoned environmentalist.

Part of the virtual platform incorporated a Content Hub; a library of articles, podcasts and blogs which inspire positive impact on the planet and provide an additional layer of content for Earthrise visitors.

2022 - Urban Futures

55% of the world’s population are now living in urban areas and The UN predicts this number to rise to 68% by 2050. We need to rethink the impact of urban existence and innovate – fast. Which is why this Earthrise Summit focused on the ways in which we can use our urban centres and cities to support a more sustainable future.

The two-day event hosted insighful discussions and panels from members of the UN, climate activists, and Oscar-winning filmmakers, and was picked up by The Independent and London Business Journal. The diverse agenda prompted candid discussions from startups, enterprises, SMEs, investors and advocates wanting to unite and work for a more sustainable future.

Jan Gehl – a global leader in people centered urban design opened the summit with an inspiring keynote address on how we can humanise our cities. The agenda included a huge variety of topics including social impact: is it time to reimagine construction? What can activism teach us about communicating the climate crisis? and how can we create nature-led, biodiverse cities?

Headline speakers included Michael Beckerman – CEO, CREtech & CREtech climate, Angel Arutura – anti-racism educator, social activist & sustainability focused content creator and Sudhanshu Sarronwala – Chief Impact Officer, Infarm.

The virtual platform hosted exclusive content across the Earthrise, Regeneration and Progress stages and included a partners hub and networking lounge to encourage connections between attendees.

  • We were delighted with the platform for the Earthrise Summit. We wanted the event to stand out for the right reasons and the platform allowed us to create a fully branded experience with great moments for networking, discovery and serendipity. The tech team from Marble was brilliant throughout - and worked tirelessly with us to ensure we delivered a virtual event which was an enormous success for Huckletree.” Patrick Keogh, Programming Lead, Huckletree