In January 2018, Killik & Co approached Marble Music to curate a music programme for a week long series of inspiring panel conversations and workshops at their venue in Soho.

Following this, the Marble Music team was asked to extend the week long service to a year long music programme, for Killik & Co’s new home at Northcote Road in Clapham.


Our music team visited the site and collaboratively explored what type of curation was best suited for the week. The conclusion was that three playlists would be curated by the Marble Music team. The first would cover the days with a 10-hour medley of chilled jazz, funk, soul and trip-hop that would sooth guests and staff through their morning and ease them through the day, slowly building towards the evening. The second playlist consisted of a slightly more upbeat selection of funk, disco and other groovy tracks perfect for a sophisticated evening drinks scenario. The third playlist was curated for the small basement room where all the talks were being held, so the Marble Music team selected some instrumentals, mostly jazz-infused tracks that subtly blend into the background.

After the success of the pilot programme, in July another site visit was arranged for the House of Killik permanent home. The Marble Music team produced four 10-hour playlists that could be played on shuffle, specifically created for this programme. Taking musical elements from Soho and splitting these into four subsections, these playlists were curated to create a pleasant ambiance for guests and co-workers to enjoy. This music curation service would work on a quarterly 80% refresh basis. All four playlists are replaced by updated versions in order to keep the tracks fresh for employees who work in the office full-time. Through this refreshing system the Marble Music team will work collaboratively with the client in order to supply the best curation service possible.

Sample the House of Killik ‘day’ playlist here.