Following the success of the SS19 press day late last year, we were thrilled to work with the Boden team again, this time for their AW19 press event. We were tasked with finding a new venue to showcase both the womenswear and Boden minis collections, and the event design for the former was to focus on a celebration of Britishness, creativity, quality and value of Boden’s products.

The minis section was to take inspiration from Woodstock but with a modern twist, and we were asked to create a bespoke Tipi from SS19 Boden fabric. Another core part of the brief was to create Instagrammable moments, which included a personalised plates station. We were asked to design a station for guests to watch their chosen illustration or initials drawn onto bespoke Boden plates (hand painted by Marble).


We chose the iconic Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in Soho as the AW19 press venue, an exceptionally interesting and bright space, which was a stunning location to showcase the collections. We wanted to give more space for key garments, to put emphasises on the core elements of the season while retaining an intimate feel for the guests. Our beloved florist Willow Crossley collaborated with us on this event yet again,  we placed the mannequins in a beautiful, tall growing garden. Beside the mannequins we created ‘Boden’s studio’, where some of their team carried out life drawing, replicating the everyday life behind the scenes of the business. To showcase the key fabrics of AW19, we framed them in dark wooden frames which were hung on one of the main walls to create a stunning display.

The minis room was very bright and colourful, the Woodstock theme was channeled through a peace sign hanging above the bespoke handmade tipi (sewn from Boden’s SS19 fabric), and the child mannequins stood adjacent in a ‘field’. The babies clothing section was as cute as ever, displayed on a white baby rail and hanging shelf.

To join the two rooms together, we created a lovely seating area to accompany the custom designed plates painting station. All plates were painted in Boden’s pattern and personalised for every single guest on the day.

What a wonderful day it was, filled with coffees, traditional canapés with a twist, flowers, creativity and true Britishness.

All the leftover flowers were donated to Carlton Dene Residential Home.


  • Thank you to you and your team, it was such a lovely press day (my personal favourite) and everything was great. I know the teams here all thought so too. Thank you!” Billy van den Bergh, Global Head of PR