We were briefed with creating a platform for sustainable fashion in collaboration with one of our favourite returning clients: John Doe Communications. We had to use rubbish from LFW parties and backstage offcuts, recycled materials from local bars, and ocean plastic to create the Absolut runway.

In order to commit to Absolut’s sustainability terms, we had to avoid all single use plastic at the show, thereby creating a platform for sustainability that showcased up-and-coming designers, and engaging consumers by inviting them to be part of the show. The Absolut Trash campaign was created in order to drive awareness of Absolut’s sustainability commitments and the new limited edition bottle, Absolut Recycled, which is made of more than 41% recycled glass.


Absolut Trash highlights

  • Coverage on ITV News
  • 1/4 tonne of recycled waste used in the production
  • 100% plastic free event
  • 41% recycled glass in the new limited-edition Absolut bottles
  • 12 up-and-coming sustainable fashion designers
  • 8 Orca boards used for the runway
  • 240kg of ocean plastic waste recycled into the production
  • 46 smashed Absolut bottles used in the ‘Trash’ sign
  • A London Fashion Week first


With sustainability and the reduction of unnecessary waste at the front of our minds as a responsible business, the Absolut Trash challenge was accepted with real enthusiasm. We avoided single use plastic throughout the production, using reclaimed wood and non-PVC vinyl, and repurposing rubbish from LFW for the set design, and also creating a purpose for the other production elements once the event was finished.

We worked with our partners Orca Sound Project because they provide a circular solution, upcycling any mixed waste plastic and allowing their clients to be responsible for preventing plastic from reaching the land, air or ultimately our oceans. This supported Absolut in providing evidence for their waste story; they aim to send as little waste to landfill as possible and recycle almost everything they can.

The catwalk fascia was built using 8 x Orca boards, which equals 240kg plastic waste found on the beaches of the UK. The Absolut sign was created from the smashed up glass of 46 Absolut bottles, reminding the audience of the launch of the new limited edition bottle. The backdrop walls were created using repurposed shoes and dressed with the rubbish collected from the various catwalk backstage areas – this included plastic bottles, bags, hangers, cardboard boxes, leftover pieces of fabrics and accessories: anything that would have otherwise gone to waste!

There were 4 catwalk shows in total, which included the pioneering designers of sustainable fashion, such as Valentina Karellas, 10T Online, Bottle Top, Apollonia Studios, P.I.C. Style, Esfera, Cafin, Boita, Urban Trenches London, Labo Mono, Revival London, Elvis & Kresse.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to show my work at LFW. Sustainability in fashion is really having a moment and it’s great to see brands like Absolut get behind up and coming brands like us at 10T.” Said James Marshall, Founder of 10T.

This event helped to connect consumers with sustainable fashion and invited guests to participate by walking that runway themselves.

  • On behalf of Absolut and John Doe, I wanted to thank each and every last one of you for your contribution to what was such a fantastic event. Huge love to Marble LDN's incredible team for their patience, professionalism and talent.” Celine Khor, Head of Experience at John Doe Communications