Weekly Round Up

#1 Brands using their voice for purpose

It’s refreshing to see established brands using their powerful voice for purpose, by shining a light on the Black Lives Matter movement following an increase tragic and troublesome stories in the media in recent weeks (and beyond). Brands including Nike, Adidas, Ben & Jerries, Netflix, Twitter and Google are using their authority and platforms to show support and incite action, through poignant adverts, social media statements and temporary logo updates. Nike released a powerful spot encouraging people to “be part of the change” and work to resolve the issue of institutionalised racism. “Don’t do it” inverts the brand’s tagline and urges: “Don’t sit back and be silent.”

nike black lives matter ad

#2 Quarantined Needleworkers Around the World Break Records with String of 79,000 Flags

Needleworkers from all over the world have been using their time in quarantine to break the world record for longest “bunting”. The bunting was put together by the Devon County Show, and was made up of 79,001 knitted flags stretching 9 miles long, which is almost double the existing Guinness World Record!

world record bunting

#3 Art Charity Honours Key Workers in Sutton Hospitals with Handmade Clay Hearts

Team Imagineers, an art charity based in Sutton, set up a project to make clay artwork to honour the key workers. Artists and residents have been making heart shaped clay art that are being installed in Sutton hospitals. This project not only commemorates the hard work of these heroes but it also supports community interaction during the lockdown. Visit their website to donate, show support or get involved in creating these beautiful ceramic murals!

key workers sutton charity

#4 Wireless Festival in VR

Wireless Festival is partnering with MelodyVR to become a virtual reality experience available to watch in 360 degrees! Wireless Connect will be a 3-day event, taking place July 3-5 2020, created with pre-recorded content and performances. Fans will be guided directly to artists’ streams, through Instagram and Twitter, with bespoke pre-recorded content. The event can also be streamed on the Wireless Facebook page. The full line-up will be released on their website soon.

wireless vr festival

#5 TreeTalk App Used to Discover Urban Trees on Daily Walks

TreeTalk’s app brings a new appreciation to local urban nature by allowing Londoners to choose different trails, and learn about the various types of trees that can be found on them. The app gives you the option of different routes to walk as well as be able to create your own personalised trail, and has logged over 700,000 of London’s trees which you can discover more about to bring more engagement to daily walks.

treetalk app

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