Weekly Round Up

#1 Pride for all!

Due to the restrictions in place from social distancing rules, the annual Pride festival will be going virtual this year, complete with interviews, panel discussions, music sessions, drag tutorials, and even a virtual Pride parade made by BAFTA-winning technologist Adam Hoyle. The virtual festival is taking on a slogan ‘Pride for All’, which means that anyone can join in with the celebration and get involved.

#2 Local fundraiser makes 8,000 scrubs for Queen’s hospital

A retired construction worker and his family wanted to help the NHS through this challenging period. After hearing that their local hospital was experiencing a shortage of medical scrubs, they purchased fabric and put out a request over social media for help, expecting to make around 120 sets. With a huge amount of support behind them, they managed to buy and make 8,000 scrubs which were then donated to Queen’s and King George hospitals in the South of England. Many hospitals all over the country are suffering from a lack of PPE, so community support like this is ingenious and incredibly heartwarming!

#3 Furloughed workers set up ‘Furloughed Foodies’ for healthcare workers

A group of furloughed workers have started ‘Furloughed Foodies’ in order to provide healthy meals for the healthcare workers and vulnerable people. Most hospital canteens shut at 5pm, so the staff working in COVID-19 wards struggle for evening meals. This group has already raised over £22,000 and have delivered over 10,000 meals to 15 hospitals and service 2 food banks across the UK! Over 400 furloughed workers have volunteered, and by visiting their website you can get involved through cooking, delivering and donating!

#4 Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign focuses on at-home experiences

Bombay Sapphire are hosting a series of virtual workshops as part of their ‘Stir Creativity at home’ campaign, with the first workshop taking place on May 22nd. These online workshops include cocktail masterclasses hosted by bartenders and interactive drawing lessons to increase creativity at home. There will also be the opportunity to win prizes through online challenges across the brand’s social media platforms.

#5 GLAMOUR Magazine article on ‘Women on our NHS frontline’

Glamour magazine released an article featuring women working on the NHS frontline. This article includes a Q&A with 9 women who are doctors, nurses, registrars, care assistants and midwives. They talk about the challenges they are facing, how they are looking after their wellbeing, the positives they are taking from this experience and advice they would give. Have a read of this inspiring article that gives gratification and appreciation to the NHS workers!

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