Weekly Round Up

#1 Twelve million users tuned into Fortnite’s virtual concert featuring Travis Scott

Fortnite, one of the most popular video games on the planet, hosted a pioneering virtual concert with rapper Travis Scott last week, which saw an incredible 12.3 million users tune in to watch the premiere. Scott also seized the opportunity to drop a new single, and with a total of 45.8 million views to date, what a great way to market a song! Companies like Fortnite continue to push the boundaries of normal gameplay and give an insight into the future of human interaction.

#2 Animators in lockdown have come together to create the #FlattenTheCurve series

Animators at London Studio, Studio Desk have created a compilation of clips from over 90 artists, containing lockdown trends or things that have made them laugh. The #FlattenTheCurve series is a great example of one of the benefits of lockdown; creatives have more time to devote to projects like this!

#3 Furloughed workers have come together to create advertising agency ‘Not Fur Long Creative’

Some of London’s top advertisers who have been furloughed during the pandemic have come together to found ‘Not Fur Long Creative’, in order to help SMEs who are still in business and need their support. ‘We’ve been left in the unique situation of being paid not to work. So, instead of starting a podcast or learning the art of baking sourdough, we decided to set up ‘Not Fur Long’ and use our time to help brands and small businesses survive and thrive in these challenging times.’ If you’re an SME, or you’re also a furloughed creative that would like to help, get involved here.

#4 Captain Tom turns 100… and celebrates by becoming a colonel!

We’ve loved following the uplifting story of Captain Tom Moore along with the rest of the nation, and were thrilled to learn that he was awarded the title of colonel by the Queen on his 100th birthday! He’s also raised nearly £30 million for the NHS. Happy Birthday Tom!

#5 More Marble Music playlists for you to enjoy!

Make sure you catch up with the Marble Music team’s latest ‘Day in the Life’ playlist series here, which are each 8 hours in length to carry you through an entire day of working from home. You can also follow along on Spotify, @MarbleMusic, to save the playlists as soon as they are released!

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