There are so many things we can be thankful already for this week: we’ve been blessed with long-awaited sunshine, the clocks have finally gone back to give us longer days, and our nation has been filling the streets with the sounds of applause every Thursday night for our fabulous NHS and key-workers. 

We’re going to give you even more reason to feel positive on this sunny start to the week, with our second instalment of the Marble Weekly Round Up. So make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy reading these wonderful acts of kindness and stories that have brought us joy. 

Weekly Round Up

#1 Mercedes’ manufacturing of life-saving ventilators

Mercedes have developed a new type of ventilator called a ‘continuous positive airway pressure’ device (CPAP), to assist patients with Covid-19 who need additional breathing support. Not only has this device saved lives – and will continue to do so – but it has been a shining example of how businesses can help tackle the crisis using the intelligence, financial support and technology they have available to them.

#2 Burberry manufacture masks and gowns for key-workers on the front line

It’s no secret that the NHS and other key-workers are facing a shortage of personal protective equipment they risk their lives everyday to fight the Covid-19 crisis. However, Burberry have pledged to help by manufacturing life-saving equipment to further prevent the spread of the disease. Using their network of delivery drivers and factory in Yorkshire, Burberry staff will pool their efforts into making non-surgical gowns and masks, as well as funding research into the single-dose vaccine at the University of Oxford, which is on track to start human trials next month.

#3 Free school meals continue for children over the Easter holidays

The government have extended free school meal vouchers for vulnerable children over the two-week Easter holiday, meaning that the poorest and most struggling families will not go hungry. For some children, their school meal might be their only hot meal of the day, or even their only meal full stop. And with the added pressure of economic uncertainty, it’s great to see that the government are taking action.

#4 CALM hosts a ‘Friday Night Lock-In’ series 

Mental health charity, CALM, have seen a spike in the number of calls from people struggling during the lockdown. So in response, they have created a virtual festival streamed through Instagram Live, with stars including Frank Turner and Oh Wonder, and even Koropt FM, joining them to keep the world entertained on Friday nights. Follow along with this amazing initiative on their Instagram page, @calmzone

#5 Marble Music’s Day in the Life series continues…

Our Marble Music team are working hard to bring you a new 8 hour playlist every week, so that you can stay productive and focused whilst working from home. Read our recent blog post on the secrets behind the curation of these playlists, and the science behind the natural rhythms that mean we are more productive in at certain times of the day. You can catch the latest playlist here.

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