Weekly Round Up

#1 Fortnite partners with Warner Bros for first-ever in-game movie night

Following their first ever music performance with Travis Scott a few months ago, Fortnite partnered with Warner Bros to host the first-ever in-game movie night! ‘Movie Nite’ took place Friday 26th of June, screening Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Batman Begins and The Prestige. Users made their way to the Big Screen on Party Royale Island at 5pm, with the option to jump in and out of the film, throw tomatoes at the screen and even mute annoying audience members! This created an entertaining experience for users, enjoying the perks of the virtual environment.

Fortnite partners Warner Bros movie night

#2 Endeavor’s Bozoma Saint John: Covid-19 is one of the greatest marketing tests of all time

Endeavor’s Bozoma Saint John discusses the recent global issues that have sparked change in businesses and how the Covid-19 has challenged marketing KPIs for the better. Previously, marketing strategies would create long term plans, reaching up to 5 years. Our current situation has proven that plans can change quickly, challenging marketers to find solutions at a faster rate, going on gut instincts and understanding consumers’ emotions rather than relying purely on data. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for future business and the development of marketing strategies!

Covid-19 marketing test

#3 The five-point plan for achieving net zero

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have published their advice to the government on delivering an economic recovery that will ultimately accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. The Committee, with the overwhelming support of the public, are urging the government to focus on a green Covid-19 recovery. They have assessed evidence on the role of climate policies in the economic recovery and from that have identified the 5 investment priorities: energy efficiency and low-carbon heating, habitat restoration, energy networks, sustainable transport and reducing waste. This is the UK’s ‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to turn the Covid-19 crisis into a fight against climate change!

Five point plan for net zero

#4 LadBible hosts AR gig featuring Yungblud

LadBible’s music platform, Unilad Sound, hosted an augmented reality gig featuring Yungblud, to a global audience last Friday 26th June. Yungblud performed in front of a green screen, which translated into a life-size hologram version of him that fans could stream in their homes! This was an intimate, immersive experience which opened up a whole new area of opportunities for live music performances!

Ladbible Yung Blud

#5 Coronavirus: Why the lockdown could lead to improvements in wildlife conservation

During the pandemic, when a third of the population was in lockdown, there were reports flooding in on wildlife taking over cities. An international team of scientists have begun investigating animals’ responses to the reduced levels of human activity, in what they call the great ‘anthropause’. Mind researchers created the Covid-19 Bio-logging Initiative, using bio-loggers as a way to record and understand animal’s movements and behaviours before, during and after the lockdown. Animals worldwide have been fitted with miniature tracking devices, giving us a better understanding of human-wildlife interactions and their effects. This could help inspire innovative conservation strategies, and show us that even the smallest change to our lifestyle could have the biggest beneficial impact for both ecosystems and humans.

Lockdown improve wildlife conservation