Weekly Round Up

#1 Beavertown’s Staycation

Beavertown Brewery have launched their Staycation IPA, accompanied with a mobile-based website, to create the ultimate staycation through a virtual experience, bringing the tropical feeling straight to consumers. The website requires consumers to switch their phones to flight mode to be transported to Beavertown’s tropical destinations through their seascape visuals and music tracks helping consumers to relax; and with the Staycation beer in hand, to enjoy a vacation from the comforts of their homes. All profits will be donated to The Trussell Trust which works to stop hunger and poverty in the UK.

beavertown staycation

#2 Just Eat Ad is Bringing Light Relief to Lockdown

The advertising industry is has been on a rollercoaster ride (like most) throughout the Covid period so far, with some companies going off the air and others going for more public interest type content; such as thanking the NHS and health workers. A few continue to advertise and one creative campaign is Just Eat’s playful take on customising its ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’ global campaign, featuring iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, giving a much needed fun and hopeful message to consumers.

just eat snoop dogg

#3 Magical Lockdown Trails

In towns across the UK there have been magical trails popping up with clues leading to fantasy creatures. Whether that’s finding hidden doors with messages, mice painted under windows and on the sides of pavements, or fairies living in the woods. These have been a fun and exciting activity for children and families on their daily walks, introducing them to new adventures.

magical lockdown trials

#4 How Altruistic Acts are Helping People Cope During Lockdown

Over the past few months many people have taken the opportunity to help others, whether that is through donating, supporting or volunteering. Psychologists have been studying reasons for these recent focus and increase in kindness acts. They found that these altruistic acts have meaning and so therefore boosts our mood and have a rewarding feeling. It is also one of the few things right now that we can control, and with the social distancing rules, it restores some form of social interaction. These acts provide us with a sense of contribution and ultimately a feeling that we have left a legacy.

coronavirus kindness

#5 Royal Opera House Reopening Concert

On the 13th of June the BBC will be broadcasting a momentous event; the first concert at the Royal Opera House since Lockdown. It will be hosted by the venues director Antonio Pappano, and will feature a dance premiere by Wayne McGregor and music by Britten, Handel and Butterworth. The opening performance will be free to stream on YouTube and Facebook, and will also air on Radio 3 on the 15th of June – we can’t wait to tune in!

bbc royal opera house

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