We’re not exactly short on news stories sharing all sorts of uncertainties at the moment, so we’re on the hunt for some positivity! We’re scouring the web for stories that can bring a bit more normality or excitement (or even culture!) to the current situation, within the news, in our local communities, and from across the world…

Our ‘Weekly Round Up’ series will comprise everything we found that made us laugh, lifted us up or gave us some food for thought. Take a read and let us know what you think!

Weekly Round Up

#1 Have a drink in BrewDog’s virtual pub

The pub is integral to the British culture, so BrewDog’s new campaign is cleverly bringing that concept into the virtual world with their live streaming bar series. Audiences can enjoy a pint in the comfort of their own homes whilst watching live music and comedy shows, and even taking part in live pub quizzes. It’s an excellent example of how we can seek out human connection even at the darkest times, and – of course – a great way to advertise your brand. Good work BrewDog. 

#2 Get your dose of art online with virtual museum tours

We love going to museums and galleries here at Marble so to hear that most of our favourite institutions are taking their collections online is really exciting news. You can have a browse of The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Louvre, The Van Gogh Museum and many more! This exercise could even work as part of your home-schooling curriculum if your children are searching for virtual content amidst school closures. 

#3 Enjoy the taste of your favourite local restaurants by ordering deliveries

It’s so important, now more than ever, to support our local businesses and show how much we love them. Many have suggested buying gift cards for retail stores or small businesses, but with restaurants and cafes it’s even easier now to order food at the click of a button. Remember to also check out community forums to support the ones in your local community too. 

#4 Working from home tips

With the majority of us now working from home, it’s really important to try and stay productive and efficient in everything we do, even though it feels like a strange new routine to anyone who’s not used to it. Linkedin have shared some really great advice videos which you can watch below. 

#5 Kick back a listen to our Marble Music podcast series

Our Marble Music Manager, Pablo, hosts a series of insightful and intimate talks with artists in the industry, discovering how music shaped their lives. You can also follow along with the Marble Music team on their newest playlist series, ‘A Day in the Life’ – a new collection of 8 hour playlists designed for those of you working from home.

If you have any positive news stories that would look right at home in this list, send them through to info@marbleldn.com.