“Three hubs. One event.” That’s the vision we’re bringing to life with our newest account Trustpilot.

Our experiential teams will be working around the clock in 2022 to deliver three projects, going live simultaneously in London, Copenhagen and New York. Uniting the people who make Trustpilot what it is – their employees – we will promote an experience that strengthens the Trustpilot community through global activations. We’re informing, educating and inspiring. All through the power of live experience.

We interviewed Annemiek Wilson, Director of Communications at Trustpilot, to find out her thoughts on what is at the heart of the Trust Experience and how Marble is bringing this to life.


1. Marble are collaborating with Trustpilot this year on their ‘Trust Experience’. Why did this project come about and what is the main aim of it?

Trustpilot has grown a lot over the past couple of years, which means lots of new, talented Trusties joining our global teams. One of the main reasons for launching the project was to bring people together – many of whom have never met each other – and help them experience what trust means to us first hand.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about why you selected Marble to work on this project? Did anything in particular stand out in our initial conversations?

Marble stood out due to their holistic approach to our proposal. We weren’t just presented with activations but a truly creative concept that was thought through from start to finish and that we could see working in our company culture. From the outset it was clear that Marble had taken the time to research who we are and tailored their approach to fit our global business. We also felt that Marble would be able to help us take our ideas to the next level – using their creative expertise to craft a truly unique experience. Marble are incredibly easy to work with and have gone above and beyond to accommodate all the hurdles that come with running a global event like ours. 

We also want to be as sustainable as possible in our approach to all projects, and one of the things that appealed to us about Marble was the fact that sustainability is at heart of who you are.

3. How is the Trust Experience illuminating Trustpilot’s overall values? 

The Trust Experience shines a light on the core of who we are. Trust is at the foundation of everything we do and our approach to the entire event very much aligns with our values, which are being positively human in everything we do, always acting with integrity, being open to all and collaborative. By the time we go live, most teams within Trustpilot will have contributed to the event in some way.

4. Which bit of the Trust Experience event are you most excited about seeing come to life?

I think the feeling of watching the different speakers together with hundreds of other Trusties spread across our three different hubs will be truly unique. Even though we’re not able to all be in the same room, the idea that we’re at the same event and able to interact with one another is very exciting.

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