At Marble we’re moving into 2021 with nothing but positivity and hope for the year ahead. 2020 didn’t exactly go to plan… but we still managed to see off 28 projects, bring in 5 new clients, and receive 3 award nominations, all whilst working from home during a global pandemic. And now we have more good news inbound, as we announce not one, not two, but five promotions within the team!

Top of their game

Zanna has been promoted to Account Director, after 4 years as part of the Marble team. Zanna has grown enormously in her abilities and skill set, playing a huge part in not only shaping her role, but the company as a whole.

She has played a huge part in some of our biggest projects pre- and post-Covid, championing the likes of Live Well, Michael Kors and Boden, and this year, playing a pivotal role in shaping Boden’s first ever virtual press preview

“2020 was a year of getting out of our comfort zone, with us all having to work in new ways and develop our skills fast. Zanna did this with vigour. She really is the go-to Marble representative for her clients.” – Emi-Rose Perez Fragero, COO.

Bella, too, has been promoted to the position of Account Director, after heading up operations and leading events in our commercial sector. Over this last year in particular, Bella has shown huge creative flair, drive and dedication to the whole team. From pre-Covid, developing and executing projects for the likes of Nike and ASOS, to growing new partnerships and stepping more into production heavy projects working alongside We Are The Fair. All show growth and hard work, whilst never leaving a man down, and showing the power of collaboration.

“In a year which has taken many turns for Bella in terms of her work and life plans, she has not wavered, and has kept her focus incredibly clear. She has really nailed down on the projects which came to her with a cool, calm and matured skill that has really developed over the past year.” – Emi-Rose Perez Fragero, COO.

Kotryna has been promoted from Junior Event Producer to Account Manager, after 2 years at Marble. Right from the start, Kotryna has gone above and beyond, always with a smile and a positive, can-do attitude. Starting off as an intern, jumping quickly to Junior Event Producer Assistant, then being promoted to Junior Event Producer and now Account Manager, Kotryna’s hard work has really shined through.

Kotryna has taken on huge challenges, playing a key role in Marble’s first ever virtual event for Henkel dx Ventures, and creatively pitching for events with Red Bull and TikTok. She’ll be moving into taking responsibility for key accounts at Marble of £100k plus.

“Kotryna worked with the team with a top client, Henkel dx Ventures, with utmost professionalism, good communication and thoroughness shows her skill which is meant for her new role.” – Emi-Rose Perez Fragero, COO.

Former Marble Music Manager Pablo has been promoted to Senior Account Manager for Marble Music, a testament to his dedication to shaping our audio branding service offering. 

Pablo has been part of the team now for over 3 years, and has played a pivotal role in shaping our Marble Music agency within the business. Over the past year, we’ve seen Pablo develop his skills in a number of areas, largely within creative conceptualisation, business development and business growth. This is in tandem with always bringing a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to the table. 

“Pablo is an integral part of the agency. Not only has he worked to define the Marble Music brand and offering, but also the future growth of the company.” – Teddy Watt, CEO.

Last – and by no means least – is Lee, who has been promoted to the position of Technical Account Director. Having worked in the team for over a year and a half, Lee has always shown an in-depth knowledge of the technical and production elements of events, joining us in 2019 by jumping head first into CogX, the largest project we’ve ever worked on.

During Covid, Lee has played an instrumental part in shaping our latest service offering of virtual events, keeping us engaged with one of our largest clients – Henkel dx Ventures.

“What really sets Lee aside is his total dependability, clear communication, detailed and creative approach to client relations that builds trust rapports.” – Teddy Watt, CEO.