Marble LDN co-founder and CEO Teddy Watt checks in for the lowdown on 2018 and a heads up for this year.

Teddy Speaks

What expansion has Marble LDN seen internally during the past year?
Big achievements include the launch of Marble Music and the impending launch of Marble Private. Marble Music is the culmination of many years working in the events sector and recognising that music is an under utilised communicator for brands. Headed up by Pablo Wansbrough, this new venture puts music at the centre of brand activations. Hear directly from Pablo and get an intro to Marble Music on page 18.

Marble Private is the sister company to Marble LDN. We have a longstanding heritage in the private events sector; Kasimira, one of the companies we merged with five years ago, was a leader in this domain for 15 years before being subsumed by Marble LDN. The recent launch of the Marble Private website is the shop window to show people how far you can push the boundaries of imagination, beauty and celebration.

They are separate companies but we have the whole team in one office and both have the advantage of using our in-house production, technical, and entertainment teams. Really exciting additions, this represents a tangible added layer of value for our clients that we’re very excited about.

Additionally, Marble LDN has grown to 28 strong with new joiners within the event producer, marketing and production teams as well as three new site managers to handle our flourishing ground crew and the new 5000sq ft warehouse in Hertfordshire.

Any new developments client side?
2018 saw a significant push into new sectors that are becoming mainstays for us, in particular tech and fashion. We’ve started working with Boden on all of their new season press reveals, and this is our second year working with Founders Forum, one of the world’s most influential tech, digital and media conferences. This has put us into contact with a whole new audience and as a result we are now talking to a number of other entities within these sectors. We’ve completed 138 successful projects across nine different sectors, most notably a move into film, working on our first Bollywood movie with an Indian production team in London over the summer, and also made a move into sport, playing a pivotal role in the production of the Anthony Joshua weigh in.

Most importantly for us we have expanded our involvement within our own sector, working on behalf of, or in partnership with, other event sector businesses. A great example of this is the work we did with Cult. Together we built, produced and designed London’s first completely sustainable coffee house for Percol, on the Old Street roundabout.

How socially aware are your projects?
It’s something which we are very conscious of, and aside from our sustainability strategy we are really fortunate to have been asked to headline a number of events in the charitable sector. For the third year running we’ve worked with Scotty’s Little Soldiers, an event for 250 children who have lost parents in the armed forces. It’s an extremely rewarding event with a great team up in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. The sponsorship of House of St Barnabas’ biannual hangs is another fantastic activation, which supports up and coming artists from the UK and Europe. All funds are then funneled back into the House of St Barnabas charity for the homeless.

What’s on the horizon?
Looking to the future, we’ll be increasing our efforts into sustainability through our partner Orca Sound Project, who use the music industry as a voice to promote their up-cycled plastic materials. We’re hoping to use many more in our events in the form of staging and baffling this year, and will also be working further with the Goldfinger Project as we move into phase two of our sustainability plan. Sector diversity will be key this year, drawing on our heritage to further our work across brand identity and experiential into festival, fashion, film and sport.

We’re continuing to apply our model of nurturing talent, skills and services under one roof to give our clients the dedication they need, and our team the tools to focus and produce the best results. It’s been a fantastic year and we have some really exciting projects on the agenda in 2019. Look out for the Spring/Summer issue to see how we’re getting on.