For sustainability to be a living, breathing part of a business, you need a team of people who understand the need to prioritise this, a team who understands how our work impacts the planet, a team who want to drive change from within. So meet our very own, and self named:  Team Green. We sat down with Molly Presly, Marketing Assistant at Marble and member of Team Green to hear about the significance of the team and how they make an impact on our agency and the brands we work with.

So, Molly, What is the purpose of Team Green?

“Team Green is our internal team here at Marble who ultimately help to drive sustainability within the business as a whole. Team Green’s focus areas are three fold:

  1.  We focus on Marble’s own operations, examining the sustainability opportunities within the organisation and how we can continuously work to improve these.
  2. To gain sustainable accreditations in line with our goals, we have recently gained our ISO 1400 and 20121 accreditations which is just the beginning, we now hope to go for B-Corp. 
  3. The final focus is on educating the Marble team on sustainability and engaging them in achievable actions that they can do at home and in their everyday routines.

The team is headed by our COO, Emi Prez-Fragero and currently has eight members, spanning across all departments. The team meets bi-weekly, drawing up agendas collectively, covering areas such as but not limited to: developing the agency’s sustainability strategy, goal reporting/analysis, team workshops, CSR initiatives and developing our client roster in line with our values. 

What’s usually on the agenda?

Every 6 weeks, Team Green brings to focus a new discipline that impacts or contributes to climate change, with the goal to educate, inspire and challenge whilst also learning from industry experts and working together in doing our bit for the planet. 

In August we kick started the programme with food as our first theme. We held a discussion around the global food crisis including topics such as the future of agriculture and the significance of eating seasonably. We launched our ‘eat less meat’ challenge, creating an online channel where the team sent in photos of any meat free meals they had, with the team member who submitted the most meals winning a £100 voucher to eat at the wonderful waste free restaurant Silo. Congratulations to our Becky- our Head of Production and Technical who was the well deserved winner!

Lastly, we welcomed our neighbouring restaurant Farmacy to hear all about their menu, and how their mission is to serve straight from Farm to plate.

We are about to kick off our new focus area of water which we look forward to sharing the details on very soon.

Alongside your ISOs, any new exciting news for Team Green?

We have recently expanded with our newest team member Anastasia Kireeva- Events Sustainability Assistant at Marble to help us drive sustainability throughout the business to ensure we meet our wider sustainable objectives. Anastasia’s role includes assessing and engaging sustainable suppliers and venues to help us deliver our sustainability ambitions, reporting ESAP ratings to clients during the project lifecycle from start to finish, and working alongside our project and production managers to run our Event Sustainability Action Plan.

Why is it important to have a sustainability team within an agency?

By having a dedicated internal team, we are ensuring that we are staying accountable and taking action to meet our sustainability goals. We also hope we can encourage the plethora of brands and suppliers we work with to consider how they can use their platforms and expertise to educate others, to help make a positive impact on our environment.”

Marble’s Team Green members: Emi Perez-Fragero, Robbie Parry, Ciara Garratt, Kotryna Useviciute, Molly Presly, Hal Orchard, Hope Maguire and Anastasia Kireeva