The interactive and immersive nature of branded experiences has captured the attention of marketers, brands and consumers over the last few years, but we wanted to find out if the significance of experiences within marketing strategies has increased to meet this demand. Explore the ever changing face of events in our new report: The State of the Experience Industry.

The State of Experience

If marketing is all about communication and connection, then there will never be a replacement for face to face interaction. Not surprisingly, we’ve found in our study The State of the Experience Industry: The Changing Face of Events that experiences account for a reported 70% of regular customer acquisition.

Although social media, paid digital advertising and physical marketing nurtures leads and build brand awareness, live events provide a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections. Experiences allow companies to integrate many forms of marketing — including combining them with the benefits of technology like AR and VR — to leave a memorable impression on the attendee. In response to this shift, experts predict that by 2020, the consumer experience will overtake price and product as key brand indicators.

See some of the highlights from the report below or read the full report here.