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Like all great narratives, the Brockmans story has depth and character. The industry has challenged their methods, questioned their product, while secretly sitting there in awe of what they’ve created. Brockmans is proper, but it’s improperly so.


Their gin is a drink that is made for the rebellious yet refined, it’s made for a generation of pioneers and mavericks, and Brockmans themselves, throughout their history, have never been afraid to break the mould and challenge the industry. So how do we represent that in an experiential campaign?

Working around this question, our creative team have spent months closely working with the Brockmans team, strategising how we honour the brand’s values and history in a physical campaign. But it’s not about a flash in the pan activation. It’s about a campaign which has longevity and a life span that extends beyond this year and travels further than the UK.

To start this journey, we’re thrilled to be launch our high impact, 3-day pop-up in the heart of London next week. With an opportunity to curate the “Perfect Serve” with Brockmans expert mixologists, guests can also immerse themselves in live music, spoken word poets and comedy sessions.

Marble’s COO, Emi-Rose Perez Fragero, says: “We just love the Brockmans brand; its boldness, bravery and individuality. Our campaign will be one that informs, inspires and enlightens. Directed towards a new generation of pioneers, rebels and mavericks who will be brought together through a programme of visionary events and experiences designed to pique their curiosity, and challenge their perceptions. Watch this space for the Brockmans Club…”

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