Marble Music’s Pablo Wansbrough is a passionate muso who is determined to shape the way brands engage with their consumers on an audio level. He tells us how it’s done.

Play to win

Since the age of 15 I’ve had a huge passion for music. I’m on a constant drive to discover genres and explore new music cultures, which has led me to build a huge database of music. Currently I have access to a library of around 20,000 tracks on iTunes.

My events background stems from a music platform called The Idea, a collective that stages underground house and techno parties around London. I’ve also worked with Lock and Load, which run huge dance events such as the festival SW4. I’ve been a DJ for 10 years and have had residencies around the world, from Buenos Aires to Madrid. I’ve tried to make my style as versatile as possible so I can play anywhere. I’ll take any challenge!

As head of the Marble Music team I will be designing music for the production of every event. Where other companies outsource, we are an integrated agency and can deal with everything in house

I love live music and have been building up the database of live artists on our books. It’s a small but perfectly formed private roster and we don’t advertise it for good reason.

Music is a universal language to connect with people and we are passionate about bringing this to our clients. Some brands are yet to realise the importance of music as extra branding, however it’s incredibly important to connect with your consumers on an audio and emotive level through sound. Defining a brand’s audio identity is critical as one wrong note can be enough to disengage a consumer.

Our playlisting service is a music curation offering that we are pitching to offices, shops and brands. From defining the sound of a commercial event to making a playlist that will motivate your office, we can do it. Examples include a 40-hour playlist we built for the House of Killik office, to an in-store for Taylor Morris. People engaged further with the spaces, Shazamming songs and empowering themselves to take something home that would make them think about the brand.

We want our projects to be collaborative and make sure that the client is happy with our vision for their event or brand at every step of the way. A great example of this and my personal favourite event so far was a three-day wedding at Wilderness, designed in a festival format. It gave me a chance to explore as many genres as possible throughout the weekend with nine very different bookings. Natty performed as a surprise guest for the bride, which she loved. Even I had my turn on the decks.