Partnering with isla – driving the live experience industry to a more sustainable future

2022 saw huge strides in our sustainability journey, from gaining our ISO 14001 and 20121 certifications, forming Team Green, to beginning our mission of becoming B Corp.

2023 will be the year of collaboration. We strongly believe in coming together to produce an outcome greater than one that would be developed in silo. So in 2023 you will see Marble partnering with some incredibly impressive businesses and communities within this space. 

To kick off, we are pleased to announce that we are joining the isla community – a non-profit organisation founded as the event industry’s response to the climate crisis. Founded by 12 agencies, isla is an action-driven network. It brings together expertise from across the entire events sector, provides resources and training and has developed tools to support and deliver industry-wide standardisation and best practice on sustainable practices.

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Why are we partnering with isla?

We needed a partner that would support our sustainability initiatives from beginning to end, nurturing not only our internal team but also our suppliers and both new and existing clients.

Through facilitation, education and reporting, isla enables members to share knowledge, up-skill the industry and track our progress in order to rapidly and measurably affect change across our industry.

One of isla’s features that will support the latter is their TRACE platform. This will enable us to measure and minimise carbon at live, hybrid and digital events. TRACE generates impact reports in real-time, meaning our clients and stakeholders will also have full visibility over the impact their events have.

We recently completed our onboarding with isla Community Lead Ellie Ashton-Melia, where we discussed which training sessions will be useful for each team member, TRACE resources, timelines for integration and learned more on the benefits of our collaboration.

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isla and their impact

We spoke to Miriam Habtesellasie, MarComms Lead at isla to find out more what’s coming up for isla 2023 and beyond:

“2023 is set to be an exciting one for isla, with lots of developments on the horizon. This includes new team appointments such as our dedicated Learning Partner & Actions Group Manager, the launch of isla’s first state-of-the-industry report and accompanying flagship event, slated for spring 2023, the roll out of new data-driven features on TRACE.

“We’re also excited that Marble, and other new members, will continue to bring diversity and richness of experience to the isla community.”

We also spoke to Anastasia Kireeva, Sustainability Coordinator at Marble, who has lead the process of Marble joining isla:

“I am incredibly happy that we have started our partnership with isla. I am certain we will gain a lot from this membership, including environmental training for our team, networking opportunities with the industry professionals, event carbon footprinting and reporting with the help of TRACE and, of course, lots of useful resources that will help us broaden our knowledge and implement the most effective solutions in our events”

Read more on Anastasia’s environmental ambitions for the year ahead.

Learn more about isla.