We explore the mind of Marble LDN, what makes the company tick, how it operates, and what it has planned for the future.

On a roll

Who is Marble LDN?

“Marble LDN is an integrated events agency born out of three events companies operating in three entirely different sectors: creative production, event planning, light and sound design. We aligned over a three-year period, coming together to compliment each other, supporting weaknesses and sharing strengths. Soon it became apparent that we shared a similar passion too: to try to drive the industry in a progressive direction and continue to enhance the calibre of every product. There are incredible advances being made right now in sectors spanning everything from design to technology and we want to be a part of this evolution within our own industry, both to give our product a different edge and to push the boundaries of expectation. We have also started two further businesses within our outfit including music curation, which is a really exciting chapter for us. Marble LDN is the culmination of this story, fusing a passionate group of professionals with different expertise that share the same vision.”

How do you think your new identity is going to allow you to grow as a company?

“It’s important to us that our new identity allows clients to get a real feel for the change that is going on within our industry and be part of the evolution. Consumers expect much more from their product today; richer stories, enhanced quality and an ethos they respect. We feel that there’s a lack of this available in the industry as a whole so it’s exactly what we want to provide.”

What has Marble LDN achieved that you are proud of?

“The team we have built and seeing our vision of collaboration and integration put to work. Our ‘Never Say No’ attitude combined with our extended family of experts – The Collective – has allowed us to take on projects that other events companies just haven’t been able to consider. In more than four years we’ve not had to abandon a brief or scale down client expectations.”

Design, Collaboration, and Sustainability are the Marble LDN pillars: why are these concepts so important to you?

“These core values underpin our entire way of thinking and drive all our actions and our plans for the future, as well as extending to how we interact with clients.

This is a design-focused industry; every nuance from lighting and sound, to interiors, food, and furniture is all original concept. Everything we do has to have a permanent purpose, and it needs to compete with the work of top interior design, branding, architectural and advertising firms. These arenas are all spaces that we inhabit and we need to be in line with the very best of these industries.

Collaboration is at the heart of our business and key to how we have grown and continue to develop. Our abilities and skillsets are broad but we understand the importance of collaboration in order to keep excelling at what we do. Not only does this add value to our toolbox, but it means we are always learning new techniques.

We believe that sustainability should be at the heart of all commercial entities. We also happen to work in a very material-heavy industry that leaves a substantial footprint, and in order to sleep well at night, we need to make sure that that footprint is as small as it can possibly be. We believe this something that should be rolled out as standard.”

What can you see Marble doing in the future?

“We want to see Marble LDN recognised for its impact in driving an industry to new heights and as leaders in this revolution. We see ourselves expanding our agency and bringing in, collaborating with, and merging more people and businesses within our sector that share a similar ethos. If this sounds like you and you appreciate what we’re talking about then please get in touch!”