From the muffin that will change your life to why carnival is best forgotten, Taylor Morris co- founder Hugo Taylor gives us the down-low on life in Notting Hill.

My London

I was born and raised in Chelsea but now I live in Notting Hill.
It’s refreshing to be in a new area but I am very nostalgic about SW3 and will always feel an immense attachment to the place as it was home for such a long time.

This part of town is super vibrant. Every street has its own distinct character, with a wide range of restaurants and beautiful shops. Plus, all the houses are bloody enormous! Pre-gentrification Notting Hill had a very different charm and vibe – today it’s fair to say that it has evolved into a Beverly Hills-style haven for the super rich.

One of my favourite things about living here is that we are so close to Hyde Park. In the summer I love strolling to and from work by the Serpentine – I find water extremely calming.

Notting Hill Carnival is a very special weekend. I never miss it – and I never remember it. Loads of my friends live in the area and my father has a place on Golborne Road that has been the location for some epic carnival parties.

Wandering around Portobello Market on the weekend always makes a romantic date: you can shop and eat – and women tend to love both. The breakfast muffins at Egg Break seriously rock my world and my fiancée and I both love the spaghetti alle vongole at Mediterraneo. For summer pub sessions you can’t beat The Cock and Bottle off Westbourne Grove.

Notting Hill seems to be blogger central. You can’t walk around a street corner without running into a photo shoot. I always see lots of pretty girls in fancy gym kit – without looking like they have worked out! Nine times out of 10 they’re wearing Taylor Morris sunnies.