The live experience industry is one of the biggest culprits in contributing excess waste, with such a high rotation of materials and bespoke designs. We’ve always been extremely conscious of this and endeavoured to put measures in place to address our sustainability pitfalls within our processes. It’s been a long journey that’s far from over, but we’re really thrilled to reach one massive milestone; we’re officially accredited with ISO 14001 and 20121 certifications, meaning we are a sustainably certified agency.

What is the ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It maps out a framework that an organisation can follow to set up an effective environmental management system and helps to assure employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

What is the ISO 20121?

This offers guidance and best practice to help manage events and control their social, economic and environmental impact, all of which we are continuously striving to improve. We were particularly proud to be a finalist in the 2020 C&IT Awards for our project Absolut Trash at London Fashion Week in the Best Sustainable Initiative category. We created a platform for sustainable fashion by using rubbish from LFW parties and backstage offcuts, recycled materials from local bars, and ocean plastic to create the Absolut runway. This event helped to connect consumers with sustainable fashion and invited guests to participate by walking that runway themselves. An example of how creativity can be used in the experience industry to minimise environmental impact.

Why Accreditations Matter

Our COO (Chief Operations Officer) Emi Perez-Fragero, played a significant role in this achievement and managed the accreditation process end to end. We spoke to Emi to hear her thoughts on this monumental milestone:

“Put simply, this is huge for us. It’s another step of many in the right direction for the agency. Especially during this time when greenwashing is rife, and sustainability is banded around so loosely we wanted to make sure that we really are what we say on the tin, and that our clients are assured this is the case.

The ISO process was challenging, and I won’t say it didn’t take up a lot of time or resource but it was worth every penny. On a personal note, I learnt a lot.

ISOs have given us clear objectives. It is important that we recognise that our activities can have environmental, social and economic impacts. As a result we have always been committed to reducing negative impacts and enhancing sustainability performance across all levels and functions of our business. 

Our vision is to lead in sustainability management and to amplify positive change through working with our clients. Whether through experiential campaigns or far-sighted thought leadership always championing connection and positive impact for human kind.”

Looking to the Future

Creating change effectively within an agency isn’t done by one person, it’s done when people embody the same values and drive this through the business. We know that Marble has attracted team members due to our sustainable approach. As a result, we have an agency full of passionate individuals who care deeply about the way we work. To formalise this, and to ensure sustainability is continuously driving forward, making the right decisions, gaining the right accreditations and working with the right clients, we have the Green Team. Keep an eye out for more content coming soon on the team, its objectives, and the individuals within it.