Leaving a green footprint within the live experience industry is a trait we’ve always hoped to receive recognition for. We’re on a mission to make our sector more sustainably aware and responsible, by reducing elements such as single-use plastic and opting for biodegradable alternative build materials, as well as working towards getting our ISO certifications to become a greener business. So, when we found out our Absolut Trash project had been shortlisted for ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’ in C&IT Magazine’s 2020 awards, we were absolutely over the moon!

Hot Trash!

We were approached by communications agency John Doe at the start of 2020 with a landmark sustainable project: ‘Absolut Trash’ at London Fashion Week. Our production team used ¼ tonne of recycled waste in the runway alone, making it the first ever recycled runway at LFW. Our team pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the events industry, repurposing rubbish from local bars, the backstage areas of LFW, and 240kg of ocean plastic collected by our friends and collaborators, Orca Sound Project. This innovative event was intended to inspire others in our industry and provide the platform for sustainable fashion designers to showcase their achievements.

We’re so proud of our team and our partners at both John Doe and Orca Sound Project for all their hard work on Absolut Trash, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the results in late September! 

“On behalf of Absolut and John Doe, I wanted to thank each and every last one of you for your contribution to what was such a fantastic event. Huge love to Marble LDN’s incredible team for their patience, professionalism and talent.” – Celine Khor, Head of Brand Experience at John Doe 

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