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How to smash social media: 

The Wedding Edit 

Have it Large

TIP NO. 1:

Create an original Instagram hashtag. A neat way of encouraging guests to share snaps, this also makes them super easy to locate, creating an instant album. Make sure your hashtag is unique and hasn’t been used before – your own Dad dancing is one thing, but somebody else’s? Umm, no ta.

TIP NO. 2:

Provide your guests with Insta-worthy props. Pictures of guests holding champagne flutes is so 2013. Invest in some fancy dress so they can pose up a storm for the camera and inject some frivolity into the day.

TIP NO. 3:

Don’t give the game away. Some things are better left unshared: post live pictures of the bride getting ready and you run the risk of revealing her dress before she walks down the aisle. Gulp.

TIP NO. 4:

Get your geek on and create your very own bespoke Snapchat Geofilter for guests to use on their photos. It’s much easier to make on than it sounds. Head to snapchat.com/on-demand to find out how. 

TIP NO. 5:

Ban mobile phones during the ceremony. 

There’s nothing worse than getting your professional shots back and realising that your special day looked more like a clip from a Kanye gig.