Elevating Event Sustainability Through Education and Networking

As highlighted by the new study on Creative Industries and the Climate Emergency, the creative sector, such as advertising, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts and others, is getting increasingly involved in tackling environmental issues. According to the report, creative industries represent 6% of the Gross Value Added (GVA) of the overall UK economy and employ more than 2 million people. 

The event industry plays a significant part in addressing the climate crisis, considering that events produce huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions through energy use, shipping, travel, catering and emissions associated with the manufacture of materials and goods for the event, such as production set items, furniture, branding and gifts. Substantial water consumption and waste generation also have a big impact on the environment. On the other hand, events can be an important platform for raising environmental awareness and uniting people for a common cause.

Panel of speakers at the Events Sustainability Show

The Sustainable Events Show – The Barbican

Last month, we attended the Sustainable Events Show that took place at the Barbican. This one-day show is a platform that brings together like-minded businesses and individuals that work primarily in the event industry and are passionate about sustainability. On November 25 it introduced around 80 environmentally conscious venues, suppliers and consultancies to attendees. The location could not be better –  the Barbican’s Conservatory is an outstanding sanctuary of plants and trees that reminds us of the value of keeping a close relationship with nature.

The Barbican plant paradise

The impact of education and networking

The event was buzzing with the industry professionals, experienced speakers, engaging and welcoming hosts and even students. Part of the venue was dedicated to half-hour seminars on event sustainability that ran throughout the day and coverent various topics. The talks started with isla’s excellent presentation on the importance of measuring data for reducing emissions and an introduction to their event footprinting platform called TRACE. Other seminars addressed marketing, greenwashing, collaboration with venues and caterers, incentives, environmental accreditations and more. Emc3 delivered a masterclass on how to be sustainable and impactful when organising events and shared free resources for further learning to anyone who had signed up for the workshop. We also networked with plenty of sustainable venues and suppliers exhibitors and have started reaching out to them after the show. 

When organising an event, finding the most sustainable solutions and the right people to work with can be quite challenging. Exhibitions and seminars like the Sustainable Events Show offer an excellent opportunity to engage with companies that have strong environmental commitments, provide valuable knowledge and resources with the ultimate goal of bringing the event industry to a new, more sustainable, level. They also allow our team to upskill their knowledge and skills for future projects, as well as contributing to the training objectives for maintaining our ISO certifications.

Author: Anastasia Kireeva – Sustainability Projects Assistant

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