Reigniting our Drink Up series is Sam Paget Steavenson at The Rum Runner, who creates unforgettable drinks and bespoke bar experiences using homemade bitters, aperitifs, tinctures, shrubs and sherbets. They also have a unique range of bar setups, whose styling receives as much attention as the cocktails.

Here’s how to create some alchemy at home.

Drink Up


Blackberry Shrub
English Sparkling Wine
Garnished with pineapple weed and strawberry leaves


A new addition to The Rum Runner menu, this cocktail was inspired by the bittersweet flavours of the Negroni Sbagliato, but created using foraged ingredients from our amazing British hedgerows.

Stay tuned for next week’s non-alcoholic alternative to this cocktail; another aperitif delight.