The Marble Music team have begun their ever-evolving ‘A Day In The Life’ playlist series with the aim of nurturing those at home with a medley of tracks from diverse genres. 

A Day In The Life

For as long as we are homebound, the team will release the playlists weekly, sharing them with anyone in need of motivation, fresh music or a dance. The series is designed to motivate you through an 8 hour working day, with lesser known tracks to avoid distraction and keep the mind focused on your tasks. Intermittently more recognised and energised tunes will appear to lift your mood and keep you joyfully ticking through your day. 

Each playlist in the series has been specifically curated to mirror our mood shifts throughout the day, beginning with mellow selections designed for the morning, which then build in tempo towards the afternoon, riding with you through different waves of productivity. So make sure to listen to the playlist in order to get the most out of the curated transitions. Expect a mixture of contemporary and older indie music, hip-hop, latino, funk, disco, soul, rock, house and blues, sprinkled with tracks carrying messages worth listening to in these challenging times. 

Stay positive with the Marble Music team and follow our Spotify channel to remain up to date with the series and other playlists. Click the images below to listen.