With a current valuation of £9 billion, the wellness industry is vast, and its growth is showing no signs of slowing down. When it comes to self care, health foods, fitness, holistic living or natural products, one thing is clear: customers want more.

Cut through the noise and stand out as a wellness brand

With such an extortionate market, however, there’s plenty of competition. Because of this, serious work needs to be done to ensure you stand out from the crowd. But what makes the world’s most recognisable brands compelling? World-class branding and strategy.

In terms of strategy, taking an experiential approach is key to reaching new target audiences and appealing to a demographic that is constantly looking for the ‘new’ and the ‘bold’. We’ve often heard this demographic referred to as ‘The New Gen’; they ignore anything repeated, looking instead at the socially conscious and progressive approach that wellness brands are taking.

It goes further than a shot of kombucha and a morning yoga class; ‘wellness’ can actually be imprinted into every aspect of your consumer’s lifestyle, and so taking this holistic approach to your experiential wellness festival will leave a lasting impression on your brand’s community. 

Data-driven wellness

What does every health-conscious consumer have on their wrist, or built into their phone? Fitness tracking of course. As well as being interested in wellness, this demographic appreciates cold, hard data and the optimisation of their data to create better health and lifestyle choices.

Using insight-driven marketing campaigns will help wellness brands reach global audiences, but go deeper and you can deliver hyper personalised experiences and campaigns that speak loudly to an audience in an oversaturated market. 

Promote specific recipes with ingredients that you know your consumer loves. Provide the adrenaline junkies the opportunity to get involved in a simulated rock climbing experience. Deliver exclusive breath workshops for those interested in improving their mental health. Personalised wellness campaigns have the potential to penetrate the heart of the health industry and stand out to consumers, and getting to know your consumer is only the beginning.

Giving your brand a voice

If your wellness brand is seeking to appeal specifically to a Gen Z or millennial demographic, influencers are the way forward. Curating and programming your experience with voices that matter is the key to improving the perception of your brand, and of course, generating awareness. 

Choosing diverse and inclusive voices whose values rest in tandem with your own brand values will create a clear and cohesive brand story, in this can be emulated across both influencer marketing and speaker content.

Wellness and community-building

To further elevate the brand voices, get consumers involved by creating a community in which they can thrive. Rather than appealing to the entire wellness market – a virtually impossible task – identify a specific sector and demographic who you can provide real value to. 

By fostering this connection with consumers, you give them a reason to trust and believe in your brand values. Since the pandemic, this fact is even more prominent than it was before. 

One way to easily build community in the wellness sector is to allow consumers to curate the experience themselves. Health and wellness is completely subjective, and as a vast sector, personalising it is important. Try interactivity at the events you host; allowing guests to move through the space and make decisions on which wellness path they will take. Will they feel empowered? Energised? Relaxed? 

Research by McKinsey & Co highlighted the differences in what people define wellness to be, showing the need for audience segmentation: 

In order to preserve this sacred wellness community you have built, allow and embrace exclusivity within the inclusivity. Your audience will immediately appreciate the space you have created for them within this market if they feel part of a community. 

As well as working across the wellness sector since 2017, Marble have been delivering insight-driven health experiences for the likes of Live Well London, Fare Healthy, Deliciously Ella, Nike and ASOS. 

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