The challenges we have faced over the last 18 months have changed people’s lives dramatically around the world. A part of this change has been a shift in perception which has brought to light the importance of connecting with others via shared experiences, and the nourishing effect these connections can have on our wellbeing. Senior Account Manager for Marble Music, Pablo Wansbrough, shares his thoughts on how musical currency can be used to rebuild human connections.

Connecting via Experience

I for one will never take live music for granted again, and will always be grateful for sharing musical experiences with friends and strangers alike. As much as the virtual gigs experienced over lockdown (especially Gorillaz one) were a saving grace at a time when people really needed to be picked up by their favourite artists, these will never compare to the feeling of being face to face with live music. Experiencing music in a room or outdoor space surrounded by wonderful strangers, who are all connected by the love for the artist or music in general is what it’s all about. The way people react to and appreciate live music will have changed forever, and some organisations are choosing to actively deliver beautiful moments back to the public, for them to enjoy, and connect with others once again. 

This is the case for the British Land team, who Marble Music have been working closely with to deliver the Paddington Central Music Series (PC Music Series). Every Thursday lunchtime for 10 weeks throughout summer (22nd July – 16th September), different Marble Music grassroot artists perform live at their incredible amphitheatre at Sheldon Square, delivering soothing sounds and rhythms from an array of musical genres and styles which span across the world. 

These gigs have given the occupiers of Paddington Central and the local community a unique and incredible way to enjoy their lunch every Thursday, sitting back and soaking in the sounds of some of our most talented artists, in an outstanding setting. The rich and multicultural sounds of the chosen artists have transcended into the amphitheatre, creating an unparalleled atmosphere across the Paddington Central site. Not only this, but vendors and restaurants in the local area have benefited from the buzz that the gigs have created, drawing local office workers and passersby to take the time to disconnect from work on their lunch break, and to get outside to enjoy some music. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they interact with the artists has been magical. 

One mustn’t forget how meaningful these gigs have been for the musicians themselves, who like many others have been severely affected by the pandemic. Our artists have all taken to the stage with flair, showcasing new sounds and tracks, and creating special moments for the audience, who in many cases have been the first to hear and enjoy these lockdown melodies. For an artist, connecting with an audience is the aim of the game, and it’s been incredible to witness how people simply enjoying a lunch break can become transfixed and connected with the beautiful sounds of our artists. The PC Music Series has been the perfect reminder of what it feels like to connect with strangers through music, and has filled us with excitement for more to come in the near future!  


Check out some of the most recent performances from our artists below:

Bukky Leo:


SOL Collective:

Son Guarachando:


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