Design studio Sella Concept is disrupting the creative world with its progressive attitude to space and aesthetics.

Read on to meet Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan, a new age of innovators shaping the
way we live, work, and play.

Amazing Space

“Space is about incentivising behaviours; if you can figure out what feeling you want to create in an environment, then we will find the design solution.”

As practical as it is conceptual, this is the Sella Concept approach to design, a studio where founders Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan strive to go beyond the realms of beautiful interiors to create something exceptional. The duo met at Clerkenwell London, a concept store dedicated to the new and the next, working in tandem on creative direction and curation.

“We compliment each other,” says Tatjana. “I always go grand-scale in my ideas while Gayle will break things down into micro-elements.”

With backgrounds spanning interior design, branding, marketing and graphics, it’s fair to say that the Sella Concept story is not straightforward – just how they like it.

As Tatjana explains: “We’ve both done so many things, which means we are used to working in a versatile manner and can adapt to all sorts of projects.”

This pivoting business model is now increasingly popular in the fast-evolving world of design, where clients are looking for diverse skillsets in one package. It’s this flexible nature that has seen the company grow in the space of just a few years to work on international projects as varied as they are interesting. From permanent jobs to temporary set-ups, Sella Concept is now finding a foothold in high concept-driven, commercial work such as a members’ club in Lisbon, a “mad project that fuses the idea of illusion and theatre, all within a gorgeous environment.”

Big roof terrace concepts are also in the pipeline, inspired by the immersive world of festivals, and aiming to give today’s sophisticated consumer a taste of the extraordinary. Similarly to Marble LDN, Sella Concept is also assembling a collective of individuals with different strengths, from theatre designers to branding gurus and project managers – whatever and whoever it takes to attack any project.

Having already delivered events for brands such as Netflix and Google, the company is beginning to translate from working within temporary spaces to executing permanent residences. A new restaurant in Pimlico is one such project, a place where the Sella Concept style particularly compliments the Marble LDN discipline. “They can take on the logistical and project management arm, and we can focus on the creative side of things,” says Tatjana, “they have a really cool vision and we share the same attitude.”

What’s next in the design world for London? “I think it’s all about experiences now. Retail, hospitality, work spaces… everything is merging into one big experiential world.” The bottom line is simple. “We all want to be stimulated: events offer potential for incredible experiences and if you can bring this dynamic into the permanent world – and vice versa – then you can create something truly special.”