Conceptualisation & Storytelling

The key areas are:

  • Creative overview
  • Narrative and thread
  • Audience analysis
  • ROI mapping
  • Brand interpretation
  • Seed to concept

Our Approach

From the early stages of your project, our creatives work closely with production, technical and event producers to thread a narrative that tells your brand story in a live experience, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

We work closely with brands and agencies to enhance their brand stories, using live experience and experiential marketing as a unique string to your brand identity. Fully immersing ourselves in previous campaigns, your brand guidelines and collateral, we pinpoint the most relevant and effective message to underpin your branded experience. We then thread this messaging through every element of the branded experience, from the overall event purpose to the styling and event design, to workshops and content.

Taking your campaign objectives into account from the outset, we map the experience strategy to support these, tailoring the experiential activation and branded experience with touchpoints and tactics to track ROI.

Our extensive London-based event design team houses multiple skills within one creative agency, enabling us to provide these end-to-end event design and technical event production services in-house. We work with clients throughout the UK, while our agency is London-based we produce activations throughout Europe.

Our Work

Creative Production and Design, Project Management and Planning, Sound, Light and Tech
Creative Production and Design, Project Management and Planning, Sound, Light and Tech, Music
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Creative Production & Design, Project Management